Homemade italian dolce 600 yen each
All dolce can be taken out

Panna cotta
Classic panna cotta steamed in a slow oven
Neapolitan Thanksgiving cake baked with milk-cooked barley, fruit and bosqueso ricotta cheese
Torta caprese
Rich chocolate cake with almonds and walnuts
A cork-shaped cake soaked in rum-flavored syrup, a traditional Neapolitan pastry
A crunchy pastry filled with hot semolina and ricotta cheese cream.
*The sfogliatella is baked after you order, so it takes about 20 minutes.
Ice brulee with rich egg and whipped cream, fragrant caramelized surface
Gelato of the day
Please ask the staff

Dolce only available on Saturdays and Sundays
Coronet filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate chip cream, a traditional sweet from Sicily

Dolce set
Dolce of your choice + drink set

Coffee, tea, iced coffee, iced tea ¥900
Cappuccino ice caffe latte ¥1,000